Blessed with a baby boy with a c section delivery 😄🤗👶

Congratulations. Do read all the articles on the app regarding breastfeeding and other issues. Will help you

Hi mommy
Congratulations... Tc

Congratulations Neeta.. hope u and baby are doing good

Congratulations neeta...lots of love and blessing on way...

Congratulations dear n take care

Congratulations mommy.. hope u and baby are doing well ❣️❣️

Congratulations n blessings 💞

Congrats...Neeta Mahamuni which week u was running???

Congratulations! Stay Blessed

Congratulations dear !! God bless

Thank you all of you 😊
Thank you for your prayers 🙏🙏

Mine 34th week was going on

Congratulations dear ...TC

How's your baby? Neeta Mahamuni