My baby is 1 month old and doesnt sleep at nite since d day he is born..he sleeps during day time..wat shall i do?

Relax dear..It happens with everybody absolutely normal..he/she will learn sleeping by end of two months. Now my baby take proper sleep in night and doesn't bother me; anymore.

Here’re some tips to manage with this erratic pattern of sleep:
- Babies are just blank slates, you can begin to teach your baby good sleeping habits by establishing a bedtime routine once the baby settles down to the new environment.
- As your baby's brain and central nervous system mature, her sleep cycles will get longer and more sleep will occur at night. Most babies adjust to the family timetable in a few months or so.
- A newborn cannot eat all that much in a single feed. If you are breastfeeding, the milk gets digested quickly, which means a baby can wake up hungry and ready to fill the belly. So make sure you feed them on demand. A well fed baby, sleeps well too.
- Try to nap during your baby's longer stretches of sleep.
- You can assist the sleeping process by differentiating day and night atmosphere like creating a calm, dark environment at night, while letting the sunshine in during the day.
- During daytime feedings, talk a lot to your baby, while at night feedings, make the surroundings quiet with as little light as possible.
- Remove any item from the sleeping area that could potentially suffocate or distract a baby, cause overheating, including blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or quilts. It will take atleast six months to get a schedule

hi jyotsana - it's perfectly normal. after 2-3 months they get into a sleep routine. sharing some good links with u - pls read.

Pls also read & bookmark this compilation of questions asked by new moms which have been answered by experts and other moms in detail. Very helpful for new moms like you!

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