Today have an appointment for scan... m 9w2days today.;; Got nausea,breasts have increased a cup size more,mild headaches n food aversions..

Last tym had m/c around 5ws as the fetus was not viable n also I had hematoma.

So its a rainbow baby n m getting very scared before my scan.... 🙁😔

Hoping for best..

All the best 😘 May God make everything perfect today 🙏

Thanks Aditi... fingers crossed... last scan had got know that there is heartbeat.;

Gud luck.. Everything will be fine.

Good luck! All will be good!

Thank u Deepika n Kartik....

All the best be positive!

Relax all the best... Keep us posted

Sure Revauthi... Fingers crossed... n thanks Parul...

best wishes....keep faith on god everything will b fine...

Thank u for the wishes Kalpana ...

All will be good. All the best

Keep us updated. All the best to you! Just believe everything is fine inside and it will.

Manvi,Neha n Rebecca thank u soo much.;; Yeah keeping fingers crossed and hoping the tiny lil baby would be doing just fine.... I'm worried but last tym the doc was all kool n said only if u have bad cramps or spotting let me know immediately...

Everything vl be fine.. plz be positive.

Dont worry dear..everything will be fine. God is there