Last yr June 24 i hd IUD at full term.Now ,again m 19 weeks pregnant n hvnt taken any vaccine till now.Plz suggest me wen shud I take???

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa please advise

So sorry for your loss dear.... What was the reason for IUD..?

Everything wz fyn upto 8th mnth...during 9th, baby stopped moving...God kws better...

Even I had IUD at 37 week 5days didn't know reason.... But delivered healthy baby boy normally this Feb....if you have anything to ask please do ask happy to help....

4 months above u should take T.T inj one dose u; if previous pregnancy u took 2

By 20th week first vaccine and before 24th week 2nd..

Actually i hv 4mnths n few dyz gap btw first delivery n sec. conception...tody z my first dy of 20th week...could l inject T.T this week????