How many times do we need to feed a 10 months old baby?

Hi anon this article shares all the info - Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

If u follow @weekly meal plans u can then supplement the rest with bf which will not be more than 4 times i think. Let me tag other moms

Yogini Kandre manvi bhandari Durga Salvi Revauthi Rajamani

Hey anon. Try to give 2 proper meals nd; 2 snacks a day to baby. Along with breastfeeding. Bf can be around 3 times approx depending on baby demand.

Aap baby Ko 3-4times feed kravaiye agar aap ghar par hi rahte ho,two types fruits; daily n 2 meal daily.

Hope you have started solids. Have a regular schedule of feeding every three to four according to the hunger signs. Lunch dinner plan solids like kichidi, rice etc. In between u can feed breastmilk, juices, soups, purees etc. Introduce all tastes as much as possible. Make sure u follow the three day rule.

Nd how many times do i need to formula feed and in what quantity? I am not breastfeeding for last 2 months

Formula feed qty depends on baby hunger. Every baby demands are different. U can give baby milk two to three times whatever suits ur baby.

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