I m 8th month pregnant . My gynaecologist said that my tummy size is not growing as per the month.

So I just worried about the same but he also mentioned internal growth is all well.

If the internal growth is ok then I don't think you should worry. Even if the baby's weight is low, it can be made better once he starts breastfeeding

Yes even the baby's weight is normal

Jyoti sometimes the baby grows sideways so the tummy size may not be as a baby bump as big as other mothers so don't worry as long as the baby is healthy inside and the weight is good don't worry at all

Don’t worry regarding tummy if all internal ok just eat healthy be hydrated n be happy 👍☺️

Thank u all i was also thinking on those lines but just wanted to confirm from others and thought if I m in the same lines

Baby growth is most important agar wo thk h toh tummy size does'nt matter.

Yes true that my friend same way

Fetal Weight; CHK this article I m sure will help u understand.

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