Hi, I am 31 weeks pregnant i.e 8th month.. my tummy is itching very badly since two days.. yesterday night while sleeping I couldn't control and scratched on my tummy now it has become red and still the itching is there.. is it fine? should I consult my doc or can I try some home remedy and see.

Hey Krishna apply coconut oil on your tummy if it’s not working consult dr he will give you any itching related cream n it’s fine becoZe of big tummy itching occurs

You can apply moistureiser,bio oil,coconut oil.
Itching is normal in pregnancy,just increase your water intake have fruits which are rich in vitamin c.

@mamaearth cream is v good also u should include water and good cholesterol in ur diet will help u have a good skin.

I drink 3 to 4 litres daily but now I guess it's not working i should inform my doc..