Hi, my night sugar level is 140, but morning ad afternoon its120. Diabeteic doctor suggested to take glycomet 500mg. Is it really necessary to have..? If I started this might need to continue whole my pregnancy..?

Yes is; necessary to take tablet bcoz ur sugar level high u want to take till delivery. Bcoz i'm also taking glycomet 500mg 3 times a day. Stop taking sugar and sweets take care of ur sugar levels it's; should b below 90..

Yeah thank you, I am already in strict to have sugar,....;; 140 to 180 is normal during pregnancy,. I believe

No it's should be below 100 my doctor said

Hi, even I m taking Glycomet 500, 2 times a day after lunch n after dinner. I m 10 weeks pregnant. But my gynaec and even dr with whom I m taking my diabetes treatment told me that Glycomet consists of Metmorfim content which is not good in pregnancy but its ok to take these tablets till u complete ur 3 months of pregnancy after that if still u r detected with high sugar then medications will be changed, even dr may start insulins that r safe during pregnancy. So I would suggest to reconsult ur doc once u r about to complete 3 months. Till then don't miss ur tablets n Rest be happy n take care.

Okay, thanks for note, its long time to continue... but feeling fear to have this tablet. Now I am clear.