My period came on 12th of march that too for 2 days only. I never got my period less than 6 days. But this time on 12th march it was for 2 days. I checked through pregnancy kit it was positive Now I am not sure when should I visit the doctor for my first ultrasound. And the how much weeks I am pregnant.

If kit shows positive plz go and visit gynac for further medicines and he will tell you about ultrasound and other test

Pls go for HCG blood test and then visit a gynac.

Go and meet your gynec. The doc will suggest what is to be done next.

I went to gynac how ever at 6th week she said I am not confirming you anything. She didn't even check and asked me to come after 15 days that means in 8th week... is it ok I think she should Check the heartbeat at least

May be your hcg levels are low so she is waiting then to increase and to be sure about pregnancy and; baby heart beat dint come so early that's why she didn't ask for any test. Plz wait and be positive tc