My daughter is a fussy eater- how to help her enjoy food

Try this How I Got my Fussy Toddler to Eat And Potty Train!

Make her food more interesting. Try different shapes. Also don't repeat the food everyday. Try different recipes. Sharing some articles with recipe ideas with you 6 Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes For Kids That They Can’t Say no to!

Tiffin Recipe: Oats Sandwich

Tiffin Recipe: Punjabi Methi Ka Paratha

Golden Bread Vadas : Just what you need for tiffin or tea-time

hi mohita, pls follow all the @fun recipes and toddler food ideas on the app. just go to search and type - you will find many recipes that will help u. what helps kids of this age is play dates. have her friend eat with her at ur home. or her place.

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