hi ladies .. i am new mom my daughter is 4 months old n she take only 75-60 ml in evry feed aft 3 hrs nd in night aft 5 hrs .. is it enf for one feed 0r how can i increase her appetite ??

According to's insufficient...may be it can vary from baby to baby ...but my baby use to take 30 ml of formula milk in first 2 months every 1.5 hours...n sometimes to 60 ml too ....
So it all depends upon baby hunger...
Try to latch the baby ...if giving formula increase the intake...

Thank umahi .. but my daughter was exclusively on Brestfeed for 2 months so she refused bottle nd formula milk .. now also she love to drink Bf instead of formula and if i give more she vomits

hi sonali - i exclusively BF my baby for the first 6 months. let me share a very helpful article with you. at 4 months most babies get distracted and start drinking for shorter periods. pls don't start formula without consulting ur pead.

Pls also read & bookmark this compilation of questions asked by new moms which have been answered by experts and other moms in detail. Very helpful for new moms like you!

Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

See what the above article says

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Sonali Shivlani kindly advise

Then don't introduce formula milk... breastfeed is best

Thank u #asha n #mahi 👍🏻

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