From last one week i am noticing that when my baby sleeps his body got warm specially palms , head & foot sole..but whenever i checks the temperature ita fever..uthne k thodi der baad normal ho jata h..what could be the reason for it due to AC?

Baby's head is generally remains warmer than rest of the body.So if it's not showing in thermometer then nothing to worry.
Watch for proper feeding pattern and urine output.

Dr.Gaurav Nerkar he is also passing motions(not watery) 8-10 times a i need to worry?

Watch for frequency of urine if he is passing it frequently and diluted form then no can start zinc preparation if you need.

He is passing urine frequently..i just gave him zincris 5 ml

Good. Continue zincris for total 14 days

Thank u Dr.Gaurav Nerkar for ur quick response

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