Anyone who gave birth at 34 weeks plz help me

Hi faseeha, are u facing some issue?

Yah actually yesterday nyt it was a light spotting n m very scared abt preterm labour

A Quick Guide to Understanding Preterm Labour

What Can Cause A Preterm Delivery?

Pls keep ur dr informed. I hv shared some articles with u.

Dr. Neha D. Khodke pls advise

Hi Faseeha Fazal; ....its yesterday only naa? Or continue?

Its ok. if u will face d same. .pl cnslt doctr

I had watery discharge at 32 weeks. .. n its continue. ..

Very difficult to bring up a premie baby so please relax and trust your doctor. Stay calm few more weeks to go Fasheesha, prayers.

I had watery discharge too

Faseeha pls meet ur dr today itself

Yes dear. ur Dr

Please meet your doctor. Don't wait. Baby's heartbeat needs to be monitored in this case

How's u Faseeha Fazal

Hi Faseeha. There are many deliveries that have happened before 36 weeks due to various medical reasons. In such cases the baby is kept under strict observation and intensive care till its weight comes up. Doctors may give u a surfactant injection to ensure lung maturity in the baby so that it can breathe well after delivery. May we know the reason for ur question?