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Does wearing a legging affect the growth of the baby?; As of now my baby weight is according to the standards.But everyone are suggesting not to wear a legging as it is my 8th month.; If not legging what outfit can I wear?; Please help me

Legging which is not too tight in the stomach is ok. There are many pregnancy appropriate pants which you can wear. Maternity wear is also available on the app. Wear comfortable clothes which are not too tight.

Just be comfortable. Any clothes you wear should not be pressing hard against your tummy. Maternity clothes are the best in such times

Hey wear leggings which are comfortable and not too tight elastic at tummy... buy maternity ones which have broad soft elastic and have tummy support also

I wore leggings for my entire pregnancy n on the day of delivery too. It must be loose n comfortable

No it won't, for your convenience do not wear tight ones. Wear comfortable clothing..