Hi mommies.. I'm 38 weeks pregnant.. Got my internal examination done today and the doc said that I have a narrow mid-pelvis and the only way to go ahead is by way of c-section.

I wanted to know if I should take a second opinion from another doc if there are possibilities of a normal birth or should I just trust this doc and go ahead with c section?

C-Section Is The New Normal!

Hope this helps also I would say bye personal experience I've had to c-section is back to back within 2 years so it's not a big deal and its not to be compared with the normal pregnancy everything has its pros and cons it's just a two three days thing and you get over it so it's a big boo boo which is created about the c-section but its not as of today things are much better and advanced and the gynac also knows how to do a good job so don't worry trust you and I can go ahead with it !! Trust is most important ! Have a smooth delivery and enjoy the few days left now pamper urself.. :)

Myths busted about Cesarean and Normal Delivery

.. Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Trust ur doc... don't worry abt c section m too gone under c section...all the best.. don't panic rest n relax...

Trust your doctor. C section is not all that scary, you can do it too. We are all dere. All the best....

To ease your mind you may check with another doctor.

U do kegel may help

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and encouragement..