#askquestion which is the best infant formula?

Um using Nan pro 1 suggested by Pediatrician..! U can check vd ur pediatrician before buying anything...!

You can start cow's milk as well instead of formula there are many brands like Nan pro lactogen similac u must CHK with ur pediatrician before starting also the baby is 6months now so you can begin Weaning Finger Foods: A Good Start to Baby Led Weaning!

Weaning In the Initial Months

Hi monisha - pls ask ur pead. Also pls don't introduce cow's milk till baby has completed one year - till then digestive system not ready. If baby has completed 6 mnths pls follow all weaning food related articles on the app and @weekly meal plans.

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Please check once with your paediatrician for any advise on formula milk. He knows the baby best and will suggest accordingly