What is trimester? How.many trimester do we have? What is first trimester? ( Months)?.

We hv 3 trimester. 1st trimester is 1 to 3 months then 3 to 6 months second trimester nd last 6 to 9 months 3rd trimester

There are 3 trimester in pregnancy week 1(1st day of your periods) to 12 weeks is trimester 1, the 2nd trimester is from week 13 to week 27, and 3rd trimester is from week 28 to till you give birth.

1 to 3 mth of of pregnancy is 1st trimester

Total 3 trimester r der each trimester consists of 3 mrhs

We have 3 trimesters and each one of have 3months in each trimester in whole pregnancy

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