Hi all was very busy with my Lo he turned 6months ans want to introduce tag me to articles.and tell me good recipes for weighr loss(for me)Nancy Singh asha chaudhry

Hi Rishi, the key is eating healthy and exercise regularly. No diet just no junk. Do Search the app for good articles on weight loss

6 Exercises to Shed The Postpartum Weight

Hi rishi congrats on this milestone. Pls start following the @weekly meal plans on the app created by a child nutritionist. Weekly Meal Plans #Week1 (6+ months)

Also pls type topics u are looking for in search - u will get all the articles on the app to read. Sharing a few here

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Weaning Foods for Indian Mums: Khyati's Checklist

Weaning Foods Simplified For All New Mothers

My 5 Step Guide to Post Pregnancy Weight Loss!