Hi All,

My ML gets over on March 8 and my baby has completed 3 months.

Need some suggestions please as to get back to work or take 3 more months LOP? If in case i get back to work how do i handle for breastfeeding?

later you join the office more difficult it will be for you as well as for the baby to adapt.

I personally feel you should stay with your baby for as long as you can. right now she totally depends on you for her food and comfort. after she had started solids it will be easier for u to delegate the food part atleast.
but it also depends on what suits u most. if u absolutely need to go back to work then surely there are ways. you can develop a schedule where u can either come home to feed the baby, or pump and gather milk in the office. but if u want to do this, I suggest u start storing breast milk from now so that u have enough stash for when u start office.
another way out could me starting formula feed, which though is not recommended ( breastfeeding is best for the baby), but u can try. again u will need to establish a routine before u go back to work.
remember it IS GOING to be difficult no matter at what age you start. so all I can say is... stay strong mumma. everything u are doing is for the better of your kiddo only

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