My Baby hairs from the back are getting tangled a lot. As she is too small i m scared to comb it. I apply J&J hair oil but after she gets up from the sleep her hair becomes dry again and small tangles start to develop. In the mornings they will be more as throughout the night hair gets rubbed against the pillow. Please tell me a solution to this as i dont want to hurt her while combing.

Actually there are many good baby combs available. Please use them after oiling. Comb slowly. At 3 months baby hair do need to be combed regularly

Buy something like this. Available on the app too

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Hey reshma.. Dre r baby combs available as shown in d pic by Neha Mani Mishra; . U can use them.. Jus b vry gentle while using it

Hey dear you can untangle with Fingers very gently...else use the comb suggested by Neha....tc

U can use thes brush Pic shown above

Dont comb use hair brush rather. Or free ur lo tangle with finger. use mild shampoo and oiling is necessary. Use mamaearth. Its natural n toxin free