Hey guys. I am 30 week pregnant and gained approx 10 kg till now. Can anyone give me some advice so that i can limit my weight gain to approx 5 kg in next 2 months. Already walking 1 hour daily in morning and doing cooking etc by myself. Also I am avoiding maida and processed food. Not having surgery food. Need some advices which worked like charm for u guys during ur days.

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Deepika drink coconut water regularly. That becomes a "healthy snack"

asha chaudhry; di I am having it regularly here in Mumbai. But after few days I am going to dehradun for delivery. Coconut water will not be available there.; also these articles are not helping me because I am not indulged in any unhealthy eating habit or eating alot at one time. It's like my weight is increasing day by day without eating unhealthy food.

Hey deepika then u might want to spk to a nutritionist. I ate a lot of fruit and small small meals. That helped me.

Your weight gain is absolutely fine.. Don't worry about weight at this point of time. Just concentrate on balanced diet , nutrition and keep doing regular activity.

Please don't worry much about weight at this stage. You can't conpletely control your body during pregnancy :)