Iam vomiting continuously even if I have water iam vomiting.. my doctor gave me some tablet to control vomiting but it is not helping.. any other remedies please. Because of this iam not able to eat properly or concentrate on other works..

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Break your meals.. keep it light. Chew; fennel seeds as it reduces sick feeling n is good while pregnancy.

I have been through the same in first 3 months. But turst me nothing works out. I tried every possible thing I could but vomitting won't stop until u r 4th months start. I had medicine, took injection what not but nothing happened. All u can do is eat no spicy food and have fruits so while vomitting u won't have to struggle alot.

Completely agree with kavita Bisht I was sailing in the same boat... had so much nauseousness that I would cry at matter what u eat/ drink, if u have to vomit, u will... I used to vomit even juices/ fennel seeds/ liquids etc. Doxinate tablet prescribed by my doctor helped me a lot... don't worry, it's a phase... it will eventually fade after 3 to 4 months... take care

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