My mother in law still follows tradition of untouchability during periods.I can't enter kitchen can't sit along with family wash my utensils separately etc etc I have one and half year old baby n that time becomesore frustrating as I feel handicapped.i have to ask my mil to give food for my baby. I go to office and have very long working hours.It really irritates me to follow all this after a hectic day .I feel.all this; so abnormal.I have beenattied for 6 n half years but everything I have a bad argument at home becoz of this tradition. I can't take it up any more.My mil along with baby sitter takes care of baby when in office.I feel helpless.My husband feels I should ignore n follow fory mil happiness.i try to convince myself every time that she takes so much care of my baby so I should follow for her happiness but whenever I go through this phase of untouchability I just loose my temper as I feel it's very demeaning n unrespectful

Please help what shud I do

Hey Anonymous.. I completely understand what Ur saying and I must say that u have big help from ur mil Ur lucky n blessed. But it's v sad to see her mindset not changing with time. This is something God has created and we need to value and respect ourselves first .. I wouldn't say ignore it but try and don't let her know about ur dates how would one know if ur going thru ur periods it's a v personal thing. Ignore certain times and be stern and make urself clear.

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