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Is using diaper at night time safe for baby. After how much time diaper should be changed??

Yes u can use disposable diapers at night. It's not harmful for the baby if changed frequently. U need to change the diaper after every 3 hrs.

Yes it's safe no worries.... Change diapers based on the feelinf if fullness usually four to six hours

Yes its safe to use. U cn change them in every 5 - 6 hours if small baby nd depending on diaper heaviness

U get diapers for night which can be used for 12 hrs.
If baby poops u need to change immediately.

Yes,it can go entire night too without changing diaper,but ensure that you change first thing in the morning. Before that change , do give diaper free time to your baby for At least half an hour.

After 6 hours during night and 3 4 hours during day. Also use water based wipes and coconut oil before using the diaper.