My 8months old is suffering from hive since 2 days . The medicine also doesn’t seem to work. Is there any remedy I can try.??

hey aakriti, did you introduce baby with a new food? i suggest u visit ur pead/skin specialist again as well. make sure all the mattresses etc are put out in the sun - could be anything from food reaction to dust mites. pls take care and let us know how baby is after consulting ur dr again. hope baby gets better soon

Please consult the doctor once again. Or take a second opinion. No home remedy for this

Hi Asha and Neha..
Thank you so much for your help.
I did consult a dermatologist today..he says teething might have triggered the allergies. Because no new feed was introduced to her. She has been given a 10day course of meditation. And she is already feeling better 😌

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