Hi friends. as weather is getting hot day by day..; m in my third trimester. So can I take cool things in my diet? Like cold milk, juices etc..; Ppl says that in third trimester cold things should be avoided. Is thr any concerns??;

Yes dear. ...u can tk cold milk, juice. all healthy drinks. ..fruit juice n shake. .avoid like thumbs up, soda. .etc

U can take cold things like nimbu pani, milk, juices. Just avoid soda drinks like thumbs up, pepsi nd all

No harm in having cold items but make sure u don't catch cold...

Yes you can take. Avoid taking hot and cold things together

You can take cold things, but should be consumed when at normal temperature. Avoid at night because you can catch cold.

Take as much liquid as u can its good for u n baby but avoid to take very cold liquid.....

Yes u can take cold items like juices,milk etc. There is no ha of that..
Avoid soda pepsi limka fanta etc