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My weight increased too much

From 56 to 74kgs

Parul Johari , Nilofer shaikh , asha chaudhry

Hi jigna what has ur dr advised? Be sure to walk every single day and dont be stressed.

Hi jigna take small meal of; healthy food and walk every day

10 to 20 kgs is usually the range. I used to totally avoid junky foods, small meals ...lots of fluids, salads

Walk is important n healthy diet

Thank you all,;
I'm not eating junk food,; feeling hungry all the time 😅

Feeling Hungary is normal dear don't worry about weight 10 to 20 kg weight gain is normal dear

Hey jigna this is okie to have 20 kg put on.
Just try to remain active these days.
What about ur hb problem resolved or not??
I m having this problem

Hey dear I too gained 54 Kgs to 74kgs but most gradually , thanks to exclusive feeding ...
Eat a healthy diet and avoid fatty food ...include lots if green vegies in your diet ..the weight which you have gained seems to be normal worries it will all go away post delivery

Hi Parul Johari
Hb is now 10 from 6
It's OK,; normal level
What is your hb level ?

I am not able to start a chat with you ,,Plz update your app wanna chat with you.
Hw can ur hb be increase please tell me about ur diet and the name of tablets u r taking

Hi Parul Johari
I drank beetroot juice with 2 spoon lemon juice daily and ate pomegranate fruit.
You should start drink beetroot juice.
I stopped drink it now because Now I don't like getting bored.
Medicines as prescribed by Doctor.; Folic acid tablet two times a day.
Dr said 10 hb level is ok,; normal.
I m also unable to chat with you sent you messages but not reply .
Ok Now I update this app.