hello...i m sana...I am 3 months pregnant..i feel low these days..kindly do tell me what i have 2 eat to recover my health..and can i eat fried fish

why are you feeling low dear? do you mean mentally or physically?

hello sheeba..really feel good for ur i m feeling physically low...

As u r in first trimester, it is common to feel might probably improve in second trimester. Eat high protein food, eggs, pulses, fruits that include banana. Drink plenty of water n tender coconut water. It is fine to eat fried fish occasionally. Above all, take rest, stay positive. Good luck for ur pregnancy

Sana, shyama is right. also eat almonds soaked overnight 4 nos. If you feel nauseous in morning, have some dry carbs such as rusks before you get up from bed. take walks and enjoy some fresh air.. things will get a lot better in the second trimester.

Yes that's right, try to eat rusk or 2-3 biscuits before getting up off bed and you will feel helped me as well

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