Hello Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa..; today is my 24 day after d n c on 3 april.. yesterday nited had intercourse..;; today i got some spotting that was totally in brown colour and cramping . But now it seems ok.. what is this..; i thought my date has now dnt think so..

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Can i be preg.. any one can tell.. as its human nature after loss. Wants early that happiness again

But after d&c one should take 3months gap..last year I had d&c and doctor said me the same.. after that we tried and am in 2nd positive and happy. It helps u alot..In the mean while eat healthy food

Ok...u rite.; On net read many sucess story immediatly after d n c.. so think this...

Its not necessary in my case i'll get pregnant after 1cycle only n doc also suggest that after d n c there are more chances to get pregnant so dont takr tnsn dear

Mili Choudhary congrats a ton..hope this also happen with my date come...

Of course dear all d best soon we will hear gud news from u

Mili Choudhary ...thanks for saying nice words for me..; could u tell me imp days for concieve..; strt from 9 day to one weekk.. ritee

I heared that 12 to 18 that 1week is most fertile

Mili Choudhary.; Very confusng to tell ..some says strt from 6 day also.. anyways positiv thnkng is only way..

U can search it on google

Diffrent diffrent dates comes.. still will go once more... which food or diet can hlp me for.conciv

Eat healthy diet dear n its my 1st pregnancy so i dont know soo much about this

Okk .. before preg my meant was... for conceive...

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