Hello all, im 35 weeks running..need to travel n its a long distance of 5 hrs...can I travel by volvo bus or do u think car is better option...plz suggest. .

Hey Volvo will be better as it's high and jerks will be less...if it's car then try to get an SUV to lessen jerks ..but should say if travel is avoidable then please avoid ...take care ...

35 weeks I would not even suggest travelling, volvo is more dangerous. Did you check with your gynaecologist?

A bus is outta question dear. And as Rebecca says, ask about the car from doctor.

Thanks a ton ladies.. this was the reason I was confused coz vovlo, mercedes benz buses will b high n wont trouble much in the potholes but I can't take breaks to avoid swelling in my now hav fixed on Innova...atleast can stop once in a while n take short walks to ease the blood flow in my legs...thank u all again. .