Hi guys,

I hate milk from my childhood. I cant even think of having it. I get vomiting sensation. Hatest thing milk. Is there any substitute for milk?

Have you tried almond milk or soymilk?
And yes traditionally, dairy products work as well too.; Cheese, Chena, Panir.

Hey you can eat curd , it's calcium content is even higher than milk ..make it a part of your daily diet ..paneer , and other sweets made of milk are also great options .. you can try fruit custard as a desert ..Chas,lassi anything ...

Dear u should try flavoured milk. add protinex powder(or any protin powder which is give energy),add fruits, dry fruit powder, khir, these all r changed d taste of milk n give double benefits. .

Take paneer, buttermilk, kher, cheese, curd...