Hi All,

I am mother of 3 month old baby, delivered via c section. I have a huge back ache and legs pain. Please advise something.

I too had. Right now just rest. Apply oil or hot water bottle. When you have full recovered, do yoga. Exercises helped a lot

3 Gentle exercises for you, soon after you deliver your baby

Yday there was a livechat by our yoga expert dad Ankur Agrawal . This question was asked. U can read it here -

Pls meet ur gynea - take ur supplements. Take care of posturing while feeding baby

Also, relaxing in child sleeping pose is extremely beneficial in managing this condition.
Post clearance from your doctor practise regular back and leg exercises: kandharasana, shalabhasana, marjariasana, vyaghrasana, leg raises while lying sideways. Spend time mobilising your joints as well.