Hi all, i am 23 weeks pregnant. My stomach is streching and lot of itching o; my stomach. Can i apply moisturizer? I tried applying cocunut oil but no control. Any good cream or lotion suggested? Which does not harm baby

I used to apply body shop body butter cream.. for itching .. and bio oil at night
I don’t think anything you apply externally should harm the baby inside

The itching is normal you can apply any moisturizer but it does not help consult your doc.

Apply aloevera gel ... i used patanjali aloevera gel (good for summer it keeps the area cool) or try coco butter vaseline moisturizer even u can ask dr. they too suggest some cream...itching is normal

Apply good stretch marks cream and keep area moisturise properly and don’t scratch

Yes dear please moisturize the area very often not scratch even if you feel like ..apply strech nil or any other cream .

Hi, My Doc recommended calamine lotion for itching.. you can try that

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