I'm not able to sleep in day and in night my baby wakes up,; Doc told me I take too much stress,; also I'm suffering from postpartum anxiety,; I'm just worried like I will be scared to death and all in that stress bp rises slightly then goes back to normal . I'm not on any medications, it's like all in my head. Im not able to leave normal life not able to take care of my baby.; I'm juz worried y I'm not sleeping,; and this thought makes me more anxious. is it normal, does hormonal change makes you feel anxious and hinders sleep

Understanding the signs of Post Partum Depression

Post-Partum Mood Swings: What’s Normal & What’s Not

Post - Partum Depression - It’s real!!

Try to play with your baby... Divert your mind.. listen to music.. enjoy time with baby...

Thnx dear... motivational post

Check this feed post Ruhie, do not worry.

Relax's normal.; By 3 months everything will fall in place. I too faced the same seemed my life was coming to an end...but now things have gradually started settling.

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