Suffered loose motion last two days will it effect baby as one of my friend said it will effect amniotic fluid level 😓

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa plz help now I am fine but will it effect baby and I didn't visit doc and didn't take any medicine 😌

Hi... firstly congratulations 👍
The fact is it affects your body fluid level indirectly affects AFI level too.. increase your fluid intake.. this is the only mantra.. and have a word with your gynec as well if it is not yet fixed..

Thank doc now I am fine

Hope you are fine now dear...as doc said, take fluids...khichdi etc...also in some way include mint in your diet..ice tea with lemons help..it will pass soon dear

Ya Aditi Ahuja I am fine now just thodi c morning sickness h, want to live alone on some other plant, living on Poha diet, 😭😭😭baki sub badia

Just little more time..am sure you will enjoy your second trimester..blessings your way