Hi people, i am on my 36th week and i feel really uneasy and bloated all the time. My lower body aches and i feel a little pinchy down there too. Is it labour pain or braxton hicks? Just too concerned now.

Please help. This is my first pregnancy

Hey dear ..drink water and relax ...don't worry can consult your gynaecologist if you feel the contractions are strong ...
When is the due date ??

Sounds like Braxton Hicks, bloating is common as your baby is taking more space now. And due to big bump your back will hurt too. True labour ll be really painful and not pinchy(I had felt it many times). Don't worry u ll get your time soon. Please watch out and help your self with warm shower, brisk walk good amount of back rest. Just b relax. All the best dear.

@kavitasahany my due date is 25th may.

Thanks for the advice mala. Its just that this pain is unbearable. It makes me feel so uncomfortable.

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