What shuld i eat during this time to make my child healthy and fair as i am 5 weeks pregnant

Skin colour is genetically inherited. From the display picture of yours, ( I assume it's your picture :p) your baby will be fair!
Although some believe that drinking few strands of saffron mixed in warm milk boosts complexion of unborn baby.
For healthy baby, Eat fresh fruits like pomegranate, apple, citrus fruits like oranges, mosambi, lime. Kiwi,; avocado. Have 4-5 soaked badam, walnuts.
Drink tender coconut, 3-4 litres of water. Eat freshly cooked food. Homemade food is best.
Avoid aerated drinks, junk foods, hotel food, too much sweets., chocolates, savouries.
Start exercising during second trimester. Go for walking. your baby will be born healthy.

Thankuuu so much Preetha ji...this answer is very usefull to me...

You're welcome, Anjali Rai

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