Suddenly my milk supply has reduced m taking already taking shatavari powder....I have come to my hometown and it is very hot baby's routine is also changed...she sleeps a lot in afternoon....and doesn't drink properly like before......she is preterm and I have to breastfeed her for 6months regularly but her stomach is not getting full and she cries alot at night....

She is 3months correct age 1month I don't want to give her formula...what to do to increase breast milk

Hi, crying may not necessarily be due to lack of breast milk. Maybe she has; colic or gas problem . Routine changes every few weeks & like u said weather could also be a reason. Please talk to your paed. To increase breastmilk have 1tsp methi soaked overnight, every morning. Aliv/Halim/watercress seeds ladoo or kheer helps a lot.also oats & garlic help.

If baby is peeing 6+ diapers a day & looks active.feeds are fine.

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