I'm 38 weeks 4 days pregnant
My cervix was dilated 1cm before a month
Baby is in posterior position
My doctor informed baby head is down but not fixed
Also in last scan doctor told baby is little small
My pelvis is paining a lot while I walk or turn to sides in bed
Stomach is flat
Heart burn
Doctor said if I don't get pain within due date I'll be induced as cervix already opened so no worries normal delivery is possible..
Please tell me how to engage baby into my pelvis n there is any chances if c sectio

Hey dear, you can do duck walk and squats. It helps. But do ask your doctor before doing these exercises.

C-Section Is The New Normal!;
Don't wrry at all and dont try anything to engage the baby if it's not happening. Pls ask for a safe and smooth delivery. C section is not a big deal.