My periods have; been; 15 days late and pregnancy; test; positive but no symptoms; seen

Plz visit your gynac for further assistance.

Pls take a HCG blood test and visit a gynac to help u further.

If test is positive visit the doctor dear need to go for a blood test for

Doctor; also says positive

Congratulations then ... Wot symptoms were you looking for ..if nausea is not there then you are blessed ..have fun eat good food and chill ..other symptoms will come gradually;; wishes n tc

First of all Congratulations... don't panic...most of the pregnancy testers if they show positive then yes ur pregnant...; ur first job should be to go and visit ur gynac.. if u haven't got one try going to 2-3gynac n see with whom u are completely comfortable in talking and discussing.. n then stick to that gynac and take his/her advice.... but yes it's imp to visit a gynac first...
All the best dear.. take care...

I m as normal; as before

It is too early to feel symptoms don't worry you will feel symptoms soon

Have u met ur gynac??? N if he/she has confirmed that u r pregnant then nothing to worry... every woman is different some may feel the symptoms right from start while it takes some time for others to feel the symptoms... but don't take stress.. take care n think positive