hello moms..i m 35 week 5 days pregnant

i want to hiccups mujhe left side me down me feel hote hai lekin baby breech position me show hua hai last ultrasound me ye hiccups hai ya baby kicks ..??

lekin mujhe har 2 sec me feel hote hai thodi der tak continue..!! or hamesha ek hi jagah feel hote hai ..!!

Baby can have hiccups . It can be movement too.
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Hi dwinkle...its normal...muje b same time pe hiccups feel hote the..i asked docter she said its normal...i was wonder after her borns usko daily 4-5 times hiccups aate the...don't worry enjoy your pregnency..u will defenetly miss it...

Actually mujhe doubt hai ..bcoz baby breech position me hai so baby ka head upper side me hai..or mujhe hamsha lower left side me baby hiccups feel hote hai..?

Muje b left side hi feel hota tha..its normal ...

apka baby bhi breech position me tha..?

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