Hi All, my 3 months of pregnancy completed , but i use to have morning sickness and vomiting almost 3-4 days in a week. Whether vomiting will effect my babys growth? Also please give me suggestion by which vomiting can b avoided.

Consult doc she will give you medicine it will help

Vomitting is due to progesterone harmones ,and it requires for baby don't worry for vomitting ,but maintain Ur food intake so Ur baby won't get affected

Medicines might help little. Eat something whatever u like tamarind or ginger or lemon. Also brush ur teeth n clean ur tongue tat will not allow ur tongue to coat in morning. Have lotz of fruits.

This is normal dear and it has nothing to do with ur babies growth. Still I suggest u to consult a doc. As every body is different and each pregnacy is unique but according to my knowledge vomiting has nothing to do with; ur babies growth.
Relax and see a doc. 😊