I had 1st pill of abortion on friday and i bleeded alot for continuous 6 hrs with tissues and particles den it reduced to simple bleeding..; Today i am being given two medicine in the morning orally as m bleeding already and to take one medicine each after 3 hrs interval.. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHETHER WILL I BLEED LIKE FRIDAY AGAIN WITH TISSUES ETC or it will be normal bleeding.. I just want to be prepared for it..

I was not having healthy pregnancy so was given this pills.. Had 8 weeks pregnancy

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa please help.

Your doctor will be able to guide you better on this

Consult ur dr

Dr. Neha D. Khodke Dr Mamta Goel kindly help

Yes, you may get to see some retained tissues.. and also followed by bleeding..

The amount of bleeding and tissues depends upon what is remaining inside and how much the medicine is able to contract it to push it out... So no one can tell you how much you will bleed... So you just be prepared anyways..

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