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Is it safe to take head massage at 5 weeks 4 days.

also feeln shortness in breath. my gynac chckd. She says all s normal.

please help.

Shortness is breath happens to some as pregnancy advances.; However, this early, it is only coz you have some stress or load.; Pls relax. And yes a head massage is always safe. Avoid any strong aromas or chemical spas though.

No stress or load.... as m alrdy on bed rest.....even mentally no since 2-3 days shortness of breath as gvn me stress

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Yes you can have head massage but no chemical spas... massage is good for relaxation... shortness in breath happens in pregnancy... take care..

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I know someone who had shortness of breath in early pregnancy, in fact it was her first symptom and she checked home pregnancy test. So do not worry.. Yes you can take head massage.

Yes head massage is fine... Shortness in breath happens during pregnancy. If all is well chk with ur doctor and practice yoga, meditation

Yeah you can have head massage with any light oil.