Hi ladies good morning plz giv sum advice abt belly support belt when should i start wearing... can i make it out of cotton clothes at home?

hi sakshi - i have heard cotton dupatta for post delivery. has ur dr advised u to wear one while u are expecting?

Satarupa B Kaur Revauthi Rajamani Priti Singh

Good morning. Pls use after consulting with your gynecologist.
My Dr told me to use it in my final trimester. I loved it! It eased pressure on my back

; Hi
Post delivery u can wear the post pregnancy belt to help ur tummy muscles contract n be at place. But should be worn after two weeks post delivery

If u looking for support belt, it is only justified if your bump is putting you off balance. It's not mandatory but some bodies will need it to ease off discomfort.; Also, cotton dupattas don't help at this stage.; They are used post delivery. Talk to the doc to see what brand of pregnancy support belt, is best.