Hello mummies
1- when can I give oats to my baby
He is 7 months old ..
2- which dals to be included in home made cerelac ..
3- in Vegis section which Vegis to introduce.; He has potatoes n lauki soup
4- when to introduce citrus fruits like orange n lemon
N when to give watermelon
5- can I give limbu pani to my baby ..
If any other suggestions please would like to know

Instant Homemade Cerelac

Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months)

Go steady n one at a time.. don't introduce too many things at once.

First start with daal ka pani, cerelac, khichdi, fruit purée. Oata can be given at 9-10 months. Watermelon can be given if blended. Lauki soup you can give. Lemon can be mixed in khichdi a few drops