Is frothy yellow stool in 24 day old baby is normal? He is on breastmilk and frequency of poo is 6-7 times a day

Black, Green, Yellow - Your Baby’s Poop Story

Sorry Resham Java ... how can I distinguish between normal potty n loosy ...

Loose motions will be v watery n with out constant time gap.

Loose Motion In Babies: What Causes Them, And Practical Tips To Manage

This article can help understand better.

My boy is doing frothy stool and frequency is like as soon as I change the nappy pad he soils the other one too...sometimes it is very less poo...also because of this frequency his bum is also hurting him..redness is thr...he is crying a lot while we clean him

Pls chk on what Ur eating while feeding him. It may be due to that. Diet Recommendations For Breastfeeding Moms

It's normal, he is adjusting to full time breast milk. Give him some time.

Be gentle while you wipe.

Thanks Rebecca Prakash

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