Hi, my baby is 2 months old now. Is on bf and FM both..from last few days..I have noticed, he demands for bf, however he latches for 5 mins, detaches himself from the nipple, and starts crying profusely, I have also checked if the milk supply is there, I just fail to understand why does he do that?

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Hi Resham, the article doesn't give a solution..

Annie the child decides to comfort himself... Also sometimes..they are just to sleepy and not hungry so they cry .. make sure your feeding with a good gap and also giving a burp after every feed. Just trying to adjust. Don't wrry.

What you're saying is absolutely correct..he used to comfort himself by latching and would remain like that for 1 hour, however now he latches only for a few mins and starts crying..

U must CHK for Ur flow and generally when they don't get the flow also they get tired n irritated.. u must express n try to feed once or twice also massage Ur breasts well. And include loads of water n jeera in ur diet.

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Annie how much Fm ur giving to your baby and at what time? When do u offer BM to ur little one

He has around 120-150 ml..BM is usually in the night..

Annie how many times Fm ? Don’t know if it is allowed to ask for phone numbers but if it is and if it is okay with u then I would like to have a telephonic conversation regarding the same with u.

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