Please let me know which is a good formula milk for baby with colic and gas?

You need to take care of colic and Gas by ensuring burping post feeds, hingbpaste massage around navel and also some cycle exercise with the legs in baby. For Formula, as per age the paed will recommend best.

To avoid colic first choose an anti-colic bottle like comotomo or AVENT. For formula milk please ask the baby's doctor. Also burp him after every feed. Put him on your shoulders for atleast 10-15 mins after feed

First use philips avent or chicoo natural feelin bottl its anticolic n secnd nan pro is best formula milk n olso u cn massage bby navel n apply hing baba ramdev one n i olso gv mughli ghuti to my bby aftr i gv bath nushka n v effective

Once u gv her feed kp her on ur shoulder fr olmost ten min....evn aftr burp