Hy baby wakup 3/4tyms at night...he is 8month..evng 6pm i feed him..n he sleep,aftr 10pm i feed him formula milk..atlast; i sleep,n he strtd to wakeup..wot i norml?wake up bcz of hungry?

Sleeping tym table bnaye baby ka.... evening m sone se uski neend Puri ho jati h...usko dophar m sulaye....night m Kuch solid khilaye sone se ek ghnta phle

Can u typ answr in englsh??

Your baby needs to have a routine more or less.; Why don't you ensure longer night time gaps in feed instead of feeding after 4 hours post 6pm? Diffrenciate between say and night time via the ambienece. Make sure you change the feed times and see how baby responds.